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Ideas: Here is a fantastic collection of Kramas from Cambodia. You will no longer be able to do without these simple traditional cotton scarves, or these magnificent silk scarves. Made with passion and talent, they will enchant you as much by their beauty and elegance as by what they represent.

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Qui est-ce

Raphael, the founder of Krama Heritage, embarked on this project after he fell in love with Cambodia. He then gave himself the mission to present the traditional ancestral Cambodian scarf in France and in the world to bring moral support to this traumatized country. On site, Krama Heritage participates in concrete economic and social projects in the textile industry and education. The two projects are carried out independently:

  1. “one scarf, one skill” concerns the textile sector by setting up the making of the brand’s kramas. Cotton kramas are produced in a workshop in Phnom Penh, while silk kramas are produced in three workshops with the support of a local association. The project also ensures that working conditions are ethical: no child labor, decent working hours and a decent working environment.
  2. “one scarf, one smile” concerns the field of education. Krama Heritage has chosen to support the NGO Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE, website The PSE association, active in Cambodia for twenty years, takes care of disadvantaged children and assures them a future by teaching them a profession.

By buying one of these kramas, you actively participate in this momentum:

  • The cotton kramas represent half a day of school, an amount which was donated directly to PSE
  • Silk kramas represent more than one school day, financed by a contribution directly paid to PSE
Handmade Ethical trade Contribution Project France Cambodia
Le Travail

Krama means “scarf” in Khmer. This is the traditional ancestral scarf worn by Cambodians. Steeped in history and culture, it is indeed a sign of belonging to the Cambodian people. It is always made of cotton or silk, and it must have a checkered pattern and fringes. Its uses are multiple, ranging from protection from the sun, carrying infants, serving as a belt, or even as a weapon in the Khmer martial arts!

Krama Heritage scarves are made in Cambodia, in quality partner workshops, and they bring a decent salary to those who make them. Thus, Krama Heritage practices fair trade. Cotton comes from Malaysia and China, while silk comes from Vietnam. Labels, metal parts and bamboo boxes are also made in Cambodia.

The weavers participate in the development of patterns, in the choice of colors and materials. They hide behind each krama and are happy to contribute to their export. Krama Heritage scarves represent a responsible and humanist fashion.

Material: 100% cotton, 100% silk

Manufacturing: artisanal and traditional weaving. Everything is entirely handmade, including dyeing, weaving, braiding fringes and stitching labels.

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