The Plumetti Paris Jewelry

Ideas: Here is a collection of handmade jewelry all in lightness, imagined by the French designers Claire and Christine. The lightness of the collection even inspired its name, Plumetti reminding the word feather in French (plume). The metal is worked in thin sheets, giving these jewels a unique look, both playful and elegant.

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Qui est-ce

Christine and Claire are two very nice French jewelry designers. They usually let themselves be inspired by the marine world to create their collections, but the Plumetti Paris collection that we present here is different.

Christine joined forces with her daughter Claire since 2012, this collaboration allowing the perpetuation of know-how in their family business. A beautiful story that gave birth to the Plumetti collection.

The two designers entrust their production to a family based in India, with whom they maintain long-term relationships. Since both families know each other very well, they regularly go to India to visit them. The working conditions are human, each piece is made by hand, and it simply takes the necessary time.

Jewelers as we like them.

Handmade Ethical trade France
Le Travail

Plumetti Paris is a new collection of the French designers Christine and Claire Escher. This elegant collection is characterized by its finesse and lightness. The jewelry consists of sheets of metal hammered by hand. For this reason, each piece is totally unique. Simple, original, mobile and playful, these pieces are truly beautiful.

The Plumetti name of the collection was inspired by its very lightness, the name reminiscent of the feather, that is called “plume” in French. Feathers, leaves, flat links, the game of possibilities in finesse has no limits.

This bright collection is suitable for special occasions as well as for everyday life. These long jewels can be worn wonderfully with a high collar, or even on an open neckline.

Materials: 925 sterling silver and 18k gold 1 micron.

Manufacturing: all the pieces are hammered by hand to give them this aspect of unique finesse. These jewels require a certain care to guarantee a perfect longevity. They should not be worn in the shower or be exposed to products such as makeup, creams, perfumes, etc.

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