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Ideas: Here you will find wonderful lanterns decorated with holes following unique patterns. In the dark, they project candlelight in thousands rays of light. On the other hand, you will also find fantastic ornamented bowls. They can be used for as many purposes as flower pot, hanging bird food dispenser, ashtray, dish for potpourri, etc.

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Qui est-ce

Leo is a very nice craftsman from Solothurn. He holds his creative spark from his mother, herself a skilfull artisan, and also his mentor. Manual and creative work provide to Leo a compensation for his office work. When someone likes an object that he made with his own hands, it means a lot to him and feels like recognition for his values. Creation provides him joy, and when his creations give joy to someone else, it makes him utmost happy.

Leo’s creations are mainly to be found on artisans’ markets, and now also here with us.

HandmadeSwiss qualityMicro-productionEthical trade
Le Travail

Beautiful and totally original, the lanterns and bowls are made of coconut shells, punctured of little holes (the lanterns) or not (the bowls). They are decorated with diverse accessories and pearls of seeds, glass, metal or synthetic.

The coconut shells are cleaned, cut and polished. Little holes are drilled in the shells following diverse patterns for the manufacture of the lanterns. Finally, lanterns and bowls are both either varnished or oiled. Besides, the inner layer of the bowls is sealed with a layer of silicone, preventing water from dripping through the shell.

The manufacturing of a lantern takes 1h30, whereas the processing of a bowl takes 45 minutes of work.

Although each article is unique, it is still possible to order further pieces bearing the same decorations.

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