Our Concept

For the sake of authenticity, we know our suppliers and craftsmen most of the time personally. We clarify with them the traceability of production, ensuring that all the products offered correspond to our values. As citizens of the world, we are particularly interested in the social values represented here:

Commerce éthique

Ethical trade:

The purchase prices were negotiated fairly with the producer or the craftsman. We do not pretend to be certified “fairtrade”, however we strive to practice fair price negotiations for producers and artisans. So in our case, ethical trade means fair negotiation.



Some projects, associations or NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) take care of groups of people who in some cases manufacture products themselves. We offer these products for sale.



The price of certain products may include a contribution that we generally already made at the time of acquisition, and that we include in the final sale price. Thus, by purchasing these products, you ultimately assume the contribution. These contributions usually target a local social project in the country of origin of the product in question.

Fait main


Handmade manufacturing, as opposed to an industrial production.


Micro-production (handicraft):

Production in small quantities guaranties the rarity and originality of the products. We can often propose only one exemplary of these unique articles. It is sometimes possible to order supplementary items though, which will then be produced on demand by the craftsman. This may involve some delays, that we can clarify for you.


Swiss quality:

Production in Switzerland.



Country of origin if not Switzerland.

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