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Ideas: AN-NEE is the silk scarf made accessible while remaining perfectly original. As the French designer Alexia Nokovitch says, you must not be afraid to manipulate silk, to twist it, to bend it, to fold it at will. Freedom is the key word of this brand, available in a wide range of accessories that can be combined to perfection.

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Qui est-ce

Alexia Nokovitch is a young French designer in search of authenticity. An artistically sincere attitude in her work is of the utmost importance to her. She is the creator and the pillar behind the brand, infusing it with her inspiration and presence.

She entered the world of the silk square, considered precious and difficult to wear, to transform it into a lively and playful universe. She has made it an accessible accessory, to be combined and worn in a variety of ways according to one’s desires, simply.

Following a logic of traceability, Alexia entrusts all her production, from the manufacture of materials to their printing, to workshops and companies based in France. She herself is based in Lyon, the city of silk par excellence.

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Le Travail

AN-NEE is a young and fresh French brand of high-end accessories created in 2016. The designs are created by Alexia with a black pen according to the inspiration of the moment, telling a story or following a theme. They are easily recognizable, asymmetrical, figurative and geometric. The patterns are then colored soberly in a limited number of colors, whether soft or bright, which makes each scarf both unique and uncluttered, easy to wear. Squares can be worn in all kinds of ways, around the neck, in the hair, as an accessory on a handbag, as a necklace.

Versatile, this brand also offers jewelry accessories such as golden brass cuffs, to be combined with silk bracelets reminiscent of the same motifs as the squares. The metal accessories were also designed by Alexia.

Materials: 100% silk twill; gold- or silver-plated brass (0.5 micron flash).

Manufacturing: The scarves are made from French silk, in a small workshop in Lyon, and are printed by a French company with the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label for its excellent know-how. Some accessories are also made in a silk workshop in Paris.

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