Ideas: You will find here wonderful items to embellish a table, to decorate a living room, or even to prepare a tableau on a dark background, with the most beautiful effect.

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Qui est-ce

Rosemarie has been practicing the art of lace out of passion, and this for a long time now. The first pieces she discovered in Italy fascinated her so much that she decided to craft lace herself. Today it is part of the Federation of Swiss Lace Makers.

With her creative side, she spends most of her time making all kinds of decorative objects by hand. Now retired, she devotes herself in the manufacture of lace, a timeless passion.

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Le Travail

A rare product today, handmade lace has the unique and timeless charm of fine work. It integrates both into a modern style and into a traditional decoration, appearing either original or perfectly in place.

There are different types of lace, including tatting, crochet lace, net embroidery, lace knitting and bobbin lace. Cotton is still used, usually in light tones ranging from beige to white. Depending on the size of the lace structure, there are countless possible uses.

Very precise and very meticulous, this work requires a lot of time. To get an idea, it takes about 5 hours to make a 50 cm2 net, and about 12 hours to embroider it.

Although each article offered here is unique, it is sometimes possible to reproduce some of them.

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