Who is hiding behind horizons boutique?

Let us lift a corner of the veil……

I always had a knack for making extraordinary discoveries. Like you, I like beautiful objects made with care and love, I like to meet and exchange with those who made them, I like to know their history and to know what these objects represent for them. You just have to open your eyes and look around to see treasures, whether symbolic or real.

One day I told to myself, why not share the discoveries of my treasure hunt?

My values ​​are reflected in the concept of the boutique. Take the time to know, take the time to consume with quality, take the time for authenticity. Time is our most precious asset, it is rare and we must live it up. When we do not compromise on quality, certain values ​​are a natural part of our habits.

So, who is hiding behind horizons boutique? It is the world, because through my eyes you see my Lausanne origins, my family around the world, my professional life in German-speaking Switzerland, my contacts and relationships on all continents.

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