The Danish Cahana Jewelry

Ideas: Here is a wonderful collection of handmade jewelry, which the Danish designer Rikke imagined with a special meaning. The Danish style shows in the way of working with metal, in the choice of stone colors, in timeless, simple and chic shapes.

Collection Cahana Jewelry

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  • Ring 12 mm Rose – Cahana

    CHF 169.00

  • Ring 12 mm Gold – Cahana

    CHF 169.00

  • Chain Anchor Grande Gold – Cahana

    CHF 76.00

  • Chain Anchor Grande Silver – Cahana

    CHF 57.00

  • Chain Anchor Small Silver – Cahana

    CHF 39.00

  • Chain Anchor Small Gold – Cahana

    CHF 57.00

  • Chain Trois Silver – Cahana

    CHF 84.00

  • Chain Trois Gold – Cahana

    CHF 172.00

  • Pendant Earth Filigree Silver – Cahana

    CHF 216.00

  • Pendant Earth Filigree Gold – Cahana

    CHF 275.00

  • Pendant Drop Crystal Mat Silver – Cahana

    CHF 155.00

  • Pendant Drop Crystal Mat Gold – Cahana

    CHF 189.00

Who is it

Rikke Brogaard is an extremely nice jewelry designer. Of Danish origin, she infuses Danish style into her creations with great finesse and taste. Her inspiration comes from her own life course, and from the obstacles she had to overcome. Her creations are thought with the aim of accompanying others on their own journey.

Rikke has surrounded herself with people who mean a lot to her and with whom she works. She entrusted her production to an Indian family based in Jaipur, with whom she maintains close relationships. She developed with them a responsible production system, both for workers and for the environment. In fact, her motto is: good working conditions guarantee good products. Quality is given priority over quantity, wages are fair, loyalty stems from long-term relationships. Environmental protection also comes into play: almost 30% of the current production consists of recycled parts, thereby minimizing waste and pollution. The packaging is 100% of sustainable origin and organic.

Handmade Ethical trade Denmark

The Work

Cahana is an emerging brand of jewelry founded by Danish designer Rikke Brogaard. This collection of great beauty carries both social and environmental values. The jewelry is handcrafted in a small family-run factory in Jaipur, in ethical and environmentally responsible conditions.

The design is thought out conscientiously, representing a lot of dream, inspiration and hope. The Cahana jewelry carries a message, it is designed to accompany you on your own life journey.

Cahana means “wish” in Danish. The pendants in the collection have a special meaning in this respect. In fact, worn close to the heart, they can be opened to hide a wish written on one of the small rolls of paper supplied with each pendant.

This timeless and classic collection can be worn both day and evening. The pieces are designed to be worn alone or to be combined endlessly.

Materials: 925 sterling silver and 18 carat gold, semi-precious stones. Small rolls of handmade paper.

Manufacturing: all parts are made in molds, then polished by hand for a perfect finish. A special surface treatment embellishes the silver, sometimes covered with a micron of gold. These jewels require a certain care to guarantee a perfect longevity. They should not be worn in the shower or be exposed to products such as makeup, creams, perfumes, etc.

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